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Neck Pain

Neck Pain

It’s no surprise that neck pain is one of the most common conditions for which people see a chiropractor. Once you take into consideration the fact that we spend a lot of time looking at some form of digital monitor, neck pain is inevitable. Even though the incidence of low back pain in the general population is greater, millions of people still experience neck pain and related arm pain at some stage in their lives and therefore seek chiropractic care.

Neck pain can present in a variety of ways. It can also be associated with upper back pain, shoulder pain and/or headaches. Sufferers of neck pain often complain of a dull aching sensation but can also have sharp pain with movement. Protective muscle spasm can lead to reductions in mobility, making daily activities such as driving very difficult.

Neck pain results from injuries to the soft tissues, which include the muscles, ligaments, and nerves and the joints of the spine.
Acute neck pain can be caused by trauma such as contact sports or car accidents. Injuries to the neck caused by a sudden movement of the head backwards and forwards or sideways, are referred to as “whiplash”. Whether from a car accident, sporting injury or an accident at work, whiplash or neck injuries warrant a thorough examination by a professional.

When neck pain is caused by muscle strain, you may have aches and stiffness that spread to the upper arm and forearm.
Disc injuries are rare but it is the most common cause of nerve entrapments. They are characterised by shooting pain that spreads down the arm into the hand and fingers and can be a symptom of a “pinched nerve” or nerve entrapment in the neck. When this occurs you may experience numbness, weakness and possibly pain in the arm, forearm and hand.

Wear and tear, osteoarthritis or joint degeneration occurs due to the accumulation of stresses and injury over time. Throughout life the spine is required to endure significant weight bearing strain, merely as a result of the pressures of daily living. The overall effects of degenerative changes of the spine, leads to a feeling of stiffness and reduced spinal mobility. However, by taking better care of spine, you can reduce the impact degeneration has on your body.

All treatment should be based upon a correct diagnosis of your neck pain. Here at Rouse Hill Chiropractic our practitioners will ask lots of questions in an attempt to become familiar regarding your case history, consisting of recurring medical conditions, present medications, traumatic/surgical history, and lifestyle aspects. Then they will complete a thorough examination prior to producing and applying a tailored treatment plan for your specific condition.

So, if you are suffering from neck pain and live in Rouse Hill, Riverstone, Kellyville or anywhere in the Hills district we may be able to help you. To book in for a new patient consultation you can call 8883 2270 or book online .

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