Sports Injuries

Everybody should aim to be fit and healthy. A great and rewarding way to achieve this is through the participation of a sport. Occasionally through incorrect technique or over exhaustion sporting injuries can result. The bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles tend to be the parts of the body most commonly involved. Receiving treatment for sporting injures quickly and consistently is the best way to recover and get back to the sport that you enjoy. Rouse Hill Chiropractic will ensure you maintain strength and fitness by recommending safe substitutes if you’re unable to perform your favourite sport due to a sporting injury. A complete and thorough understanding of the mechanisms leading to your sports injury will enable us to provide an appropriate rehabilitation program to not only get you back to the sport you love quickly but lessen the recurrence of injury in the future.


Sports Injuries are usually found to be either contact injuries or non-contact injuries.

Contact sports tend to cause more painful sporting injuries due to the explosive nature of the sports. Examples include muscle contusions, known as corks or bruises are the most common sports injury from contact sports. Forceful contact to a joint can also cause ligament sprains of varying severity and even tearing. Without assessment these types of acute sporting injuries can lead to joint and ligament instability and chronic pain.

Non contact injuries occur commonly in sports and exercise, particularly when the body is subject to improper sporting or training technique and fatigue becomes involved. These sporting injuries can be acute or chronic in nature. Injuries such as muscle, tendon, and ligament sprains and strains are often caused by twisting, bending, jumping or sudden start and stop movements. A very common overuse or repetitive sports injury called a tendinopathy or better known as tendinitis fall under the category of non-contact injuries.

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